Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hey babies,

It is a little known but unguarded fact that the Test Tube Casanova Brigade meets every weekend to have practice in Rob's basement.  We have either 2 or 3 consecutive practices and then venture back to our respective domiciles.  I sleep on the couch.  It's the good life.  I have musical instruments, a big couch, and Mrs. D likes to cook and is tolerant of strange objects and individuals appearing in her basement.  I often find myself alone, sipping beer in this strange and beautiful oasis of sound and what is most likely mold.  Let's hope that isn't too bad for the lungs.

We're working on new songs this weekend.  Look out for our upcomming gigs! 

Jun 24:    Goodbye Blue Monday(21+) w/Xenia Rubinos, Voladores and Wet T-shirt Contest(the band)  Brooklyn, NY    

Jun 27:    Somerville YMCA(All ages) w/The Juxtaposers, The Retrotones, On Display, Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers, THE Knockout Theory [Trio], The Waffle Stompers     Somerville, NJ

-toobie doobie doo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Noise

Not only an excellent track but basically a summery of what we've been doing for the past several weeks of the summer.

Keep your ears open for more twists, turns, and musical explorations!  (put your own meaning on that one.)

We think they sound cool, we hope you will too.  See you soon NYC

and then, of course,  the homeland.

love you babies

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More news, updates, and moving forward

Hey babies,

      So hopefully people will start downloading the COLD FEET EP and spreading the new gospel because ULTRA-SOUND, our debut release, is NO LONGER BEING PRESSED(or copied... whatever).

      Ultra-Sound was released in 2007 to a bunch of kids moshing in/around sally's garage after killer sets by Big Joe and The Shades and Jeff-X.  This album stressed our hearts and our wallets and took at least one casualty in the writing process, which was basically our entire time at highschool.  The album was characterized by the wild and frantic playing of former lead guitarist Josh Boehm, who has long since walked on home and accented by the yelling of Dan Flynn.  The record also showcases the talents of Rob Drumm on both percussion and accordian.  Ultra-Sound is fun and we'll always love it but it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

and now I'll leave you with fun pictures:


Monday, June 7, 2010

Tour Dates; The Lexicon Exposed

Jun 24:    Goodbye Blue Monday(21+) w/Xenia Rubinos, Voladores and Wet T-shirt Contest(the band)  Brooklyn, NY    

Jun 27:    Somerville YMCA(All ages) w/The Juxtaposers, The Retrotones, On Display, Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers, THE Knockout Theory [Trio], The Waffle Stompers     Somerville, NJ
Jul 10:     Clinton Community Center(all ages) w/ Meat     Clinton, NJ    

Jul 25:     NYACK CENTER(All ages) - Welcome to Rockland Fest III     Nyack, New York
Jul 27:     Otto’s Shrunken Head(21+)     Manhatten, NY   

Jul 28:     Rebel Sound(All ages) w/ The Killerados + more TBA     Pittsfield, MA
Jul 29:     The Trash Bar(21+) w/MOKAAD, Seth & Zack, The Wheels and The Goods     Brooklyn, New York    

Jul 31:     The Tipsy Teapot(all ages)     Greenville, NC
Aug 3:     The Raven Lounge(Acoustic Show, might be 21+)     Philadelphia, PA    

Aug 6:     City Ale House(might be 21+) w/ City Under Siege     Danbury, CT
Aug 7:     Hotel Vernon(all ages) w/ Sparrow  Worcester, MA

So that's our summer line-up as of now.  I'm not really sure if the community center is gonna happen and the Somerville show's opener has changed a couple times already so be on the look out for updates on those shows as well as more shows being added and alterations to the 21+ status of shows, times etc.

     Welcome to Rockland Fest has potential to be pretty cool.  Last fest they got some big name bands like Big D and the kids table, Patent Pending, Catch 22 and Kiss Kiss. If you haven't heard this band, please give them a listen and tell them to get on the fest again, that'd be fun.  Tickets for this supposed to be $12 bit we're gonna sell them for $6 or $8... haven't decided.gotten them yet.  Normally The Brigade is against pay to play but this just seems like a good time and it's our first show with "fest" after it.  Let man live a little.

Also, tonight there will be a post with our new T-shirt design.  They're gonna be $8 bucks.  If you want one of our hand-made run we're gonna have them at our next show for cheeeeeaaaap($3).

And finally, "Ultra-Sound", our debut release, is out of print.  NO MORE COPIES WILL BE MADE.  We'll have them at the shows for $4 and once they're gone... it'll be on itunes.  But we're probably gonna stop paying for that too, so don't say we didn't warn you!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shifting gears just a bit... the band!

So, i started this to write about reviews and basically to pass a class at school. Now that the class is over and I have a band of my own(and no one has read this blog yet...) I'm going to use this as the new test tube blog.

Oh you'll get the works people. Pictures, Show updates, links to demo's and ep's and videos oh my!

So! that being said, here's your first download:

The Cold Feet ep

This is our latest release. Recorded at hilltop studios, this is gonna give you a good idea of the sound we're going for on the next record. These songs have been reworked a bit since the recording sesh and new recordings of these song as well as new material will be in circulation soon!

Here's to rockin!


Monday, March 1, 2010

High Hopes for Foxy Shazam's new record

If you haven't heard of Foxy Shazam, Ohio's soul-powered rock quintet, you are truely missing out on one of the most energetic and excitingly original bands of the past several decades. Don't believe me? Youtube it, sucka....

Having released The Flamingo Trigger and Introducing Foxy they now push towards their third studio full length. Fun Fact: one of these songs was featured in the super bowl a few weeks ago. What should you expect? They have some pretty raw soul power, combine that with punk, and metal influences and an out of control live show(i saw him put out a cigarette on his cheek once) and you've got a bands that has potential to be superstars.

One can only hope that Foxy will be able to take hold of the limelight, as their unique brand of rock n' soul and genuine zeal for the stage could surely go a long way in our watered down, copy cat music business.

In short, they rule so hard. Please support them on their upcomming tour.

live to play live,


Monday, February 15, 2010

So... we'll call this a mission statement?

Well hey there! It's my first blog post since xango(oh 16 year old me, how i miss you) and I'm actually pretty excited. My name is Matty and I'm a student at SUNY Purchase. My intentions with with blog are to review demos from bands from any and all genres; from locals to national acts.
Whenever I pick up a record I'm going to give you my 2 cents! Same goes for shows and I also plan to do some neat stuff like 10 ten lists and band of the month and all those great blog shenanigans. I've been going to shows and playing in bands since i was 16 as well as having written for local and short lived music zine Kingpin!

I also sing lead for a band, The Test Tube Casanova Brigade. We've been playing for several years now and are on the cusp of going on our first tour. I'll have more details on that fiasco as it pans out...

Anyhow, first post done! Send me your demo! Peace!