Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hey babies,

It is a little known but unguarded fact that the Test Tube Casanova Brigade meets every weekend to have practice in Rob's basement.  We have either 2 or 3 consecutive practices and then venture back to our respective domiciles.  I sleep on the couch.  It's the good life.  I have musical instruments, a big couch, and Mrs. D likes to cook and is tolerant of strange objects and individuals appearing in her basement.  I often find myself alone, sipping beer in this strange and beautiful oasis of sound and what is most likely mold.  Let's hope that isn't too bad for the lungs.

We're working on new songs this weekend.  Look out for our upcomming gigs! 

Jun 24:    Goodbye Blue Monday(21+) w/Xenia Rubinos, Voladores and Wet T-shirt Contest(the band)  Brooklyn, NY    

Jun 27:    Somerville YMCA(All ages) w/The Juxtaposers, The Retrotones, On Display, Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers, THE Knockout Theory [Trio], The Waffle Stompers     Somerville, NJ

-toobie doobie doo

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